• Extend The Life of Your Roof

Extend The Life of Your Roof

R.A. Woodall Roofing of Williamsburg Virginia has put together the following tips to extend the life of your roof.  Not sure how much life your existing roof has left?  Call us and we will get someone right out to your location for a complete inspection.

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#1 Keep Your Roof Clean

Clean out the gutters, and remove debris like leaves, and tree branches.


Call R.A. Woodall for a roof and gutter cleaning.

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#2 Venting Your Roof

Temperatures can reach 150 degree Fahrenheit in your attic so make sure your roof is ventilated.


Install proper attic ventilation include roof vents and exhaust fans.

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#3 Keep an eye on your roof!

Watch for roof staining, curled shingles, missing and damage shingles


Examine your roof for damage, make sure no tree limbs are coming in contact with the roof!

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